Kumar Viyogi's Writing Journey salon01

Kunwar Viyogi has made a great and remarkable contribution to the modern Dogri and English literature and also to journalism. He has not only enriched the literature of these languages but has also embellished them with Philosophical depth and solemnity. He will always be remembered for his sensitiveness, devotion to values, delineation of beauty and the true vision of the self.

He has courageously attacked political and social evils and has stood for social reforms. Subtlety of feelings, profundity of thought, love, compassion, mysticism and consciousness of duty make his personality distinguished and unique. His extraordinary command on Dogri, English, Urdu and Hindi languages makes the expression of feelings and thoughts easy, lucid and interesting at the same time his prose is as impressive and interesting as his poetry is. Kunwar Viyogi has a rare gift of shifting immediately from antiquity to modernity and from traditions to latest ideas. With his broad and humanistic vision he can feel the suffering of the whole world in his own personal grief and the joy of the whole world in his own personal joy. External grief’s of the sensitive poet bind him to the world and at the sometime there is the lamentation of the infinite consciousness bound in the limits of time and space. External and internal sorrows are well expressed in prose but it goes to the credit of Kunwar Viyogi that because of his command on the languages, he has expressed them in an equally impressive way in verse also. In spite of not being very well-versed in figures of speech and nuances of language, he has been able to convey to the reader the innermost feelings of his heart. He has very aptly used similes, the objects which are compared, proper words at proper place and given expression to the deep meanings that he wants to convey. He very skillfully carries the reader from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract. As he was totally engrossed in performing his homely duties, his Banjara life in IAF, financial difficulties never allowed him even to think about publishing his writings. More over in his late sixties , he started thinking to publish his work, but it remained only in his mind. He wrote for himself not for publicity.

It is also surprising that a AirForce Officer has written such great sonnets. A very rare combination of courage-bravery- sacrifies-quickwit-extravort and a soft-deep-sensitivity-philosofic idea-with SAKSHI BHAV-deteched-witness-global sight.