Kunwar Viyogi as a Journalist   salon01

He started writing in Urdu in 1954 when he was a student of S.P.M. Rajput school, Jammu. At that time he was football Captain and an active member of Hockey and Vollyball team. Matriculated in 1955 in first division from J&K Univercity. Then he joined G.C.M. Science College, Jammu and left it in 1960, when he was studying in B.Sc.(F). He started writing in English and Hindi in 1955 and in Dogri in 1956. During college days his articles, poems and stories were published in all these languages in college magazines and also Urdu stories in national magazines, like Geet and Shama. From 1958-60 he was Editor of Urdu and English section of G.C.M. Science College magazine TAWI and Secretary of the Debating Society as well. He also participated in All India Debate competition organized by S N DAS GUPTA college, NEW DELHI as a college representative in 1959 in English section. He also started participating in “KYARI” programme of All India Radio Jammu.The first poem read by him was “BHOLI”. Writing in the tri-monthly “REKHA” in 1960, Shri Prashant adjudged.

From 1961 to1989 , he was busy in family duties. In 1989, while leaving IAF , this idea of journalism was playing a role in his mind and He says- Why I want to pursue –A career in Journalism.
Why I want to pursue –A career in Journalism

In legal jargon this is as near to a leading question can be. But there is no judge who can intervene and allow or disallow the question. I want to pursue a career in journalism and therefore I must answer this question, otherwise you will not even consider my application, handicapped as I am. By not being a Postgraduate at the time of my application. I have not asked myself this question up to now. My desire to become a journalist has been the result of a mere gut feeling since my graduation in 1987. This gut feeling was the impelling force which made me take up after completing B.Sc.

I believe , I have certain convictions which are deeply entrenched in my psyche. These are as follows:---

1.     It is not like that matters; it is the    courage you bring to it.
2.    Courage is not lack of fear; it is control over fear.
3.     Empathy is the panacea of all conflict if resort to it is followed
        by hard- headed choices.
4.    Once in a while, one must be foolish and let the heart or hunch
       rule the head or mind.
5.    One must earn a respectable living, but money must remain
       a servant never ever become a master.

Keeping in view the above loose-knit skein of forging thoughts. I will Settle for a clinch to give my answer to the sixty four thousand dollor questions. Why I want to pursue a career in journalism? The answer is because--- I believe in the conviction that it is not Life that matters, but the courage you bring to it. I believe that the printed word is a powerful medium. It acts on the minds of people in subtle and uncanny ways. Journalism opens up unthinkable doors for its practitioners. Journalism spells glamour. It imparts a sense of lurking challenge round the corner. It places grave responsibilities on one’s shoulders. It is a heady matrix of mundane, routine, unprecedented, realistic, abstract, tangible, intangible, rationalities. And irrationalities. It is a field which permits practice of controlled and effective activism. It provides a chance for being a detached observer and an in valued participant simultaneously. I provides a field of activity for contribution to society for those who care and dare. It is an ideal field for risk-lahars. It permits you to burn your bridges without raising too many eyebrows or activating restraining hands if one has the guts, gumption grit and needed guile.

This was the driving force to start English journalism by Joining Kashmir Times Jammu, as sub Editor in 1992. But after few months , on his pursuance , Kashmir Times started a One page supplement news paper, Dogri Times in Dogri. He was all in all in Dogri Paper. In the beginning there was always shortage of matter and manpower. He use to use his own writings. News, articles, editorials, poems, stories, Gazals, sonnets etc. he gave to composers and sometimes they lost. Now they are only in Jammu Prabhat. He lost his original writings, but there was always a satisfaction that his scarifies was for Dogri language. “Pate Di Gall” was his permanent featur published in Dogri Times/Jammu Prabhat till 2015. He honestly served Dogri language in real sense from 1954 to 2015.