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1.As an air force officer Kunwar Viyogi had to spend many years away from
   his home-town Jammu but its nostalgia always haunted him. This is
   evident from the sonnets he has written on many of his
   old acquaintances, including poets and writers, such as Ram Nath Shastri,
   Ved Rahi, Narendra Khajuria, Kehar Singh Madulkar, Padma Suchdev and
   Ved Pal Deep. In the foreword he recalls his friend Nilamber Dev Sharma,
   Tara Smailpuri, Charan Singh, Pt. Sansar Chand, D.C. Prashant, Dhyan
   Singh and others. In fact, there are so many sonnets, full of nostalgic
   memories of his early student days in Jammu.

2 .Mother played a great role in his life. Kunwar Viyogi was very much
   attached to his mother. Being eldest and mature, he tried to devote
   considerable time with his mother. He shared with her a special bond.
   He was perhaps the only one among the siblings who saw her so closely
   working hard, raising the family, amidst financial hardships. Even as a
   child Kunwar Viyogi always assured his mother that when he will earn,
   he would not let her do anything. She will be the queen of the house.

One can remember a story of Premchand' Idgah.... Hamid"s nani gave him TWO PAISE to enjoy in Id fair. Hamid bought a "chimta" for his nani because she used to burn her hand while cooking Roti. For child Hamid , protecting his nani from fire than to enjoy toy.

Mother and son 's bondage of love-affection- understanding-devotion was the driving force of matured Randhir Singh. As he has a high moral values , of one was KATHANI AND KARNY was same in any situation. After the demise of parents ,
As head of family , he took the responsibility whole heartedly to look after the siblings as a "Junoon". And finally he succeeded. This feeling come on and off in his writings and some sonnets like....
Mother's velvet touch - I , Mother's velvet touch - II ,
Ah! Mama- I II III Father and son , Ah! PAPA - I, II,III

3. Writing sonnets from last so many decades is very rare . To write the
   idea in twelve lines and give final verdict in last two lines is very difficult.
   People feel easy to write in free worse. It is also surprising to see a bulk
   of 360 sonnets. The whole lot is in very simple and easy to understand,
   shows the writer's command on the language and vocabulary He made
   his own words and used some words for which computer shows red
   underline but can be seen in Reader's Digest dictionary. Sometimes he
   used word twice to emphasis the meaning of the word. As happy-happy,
   very-very etc.

It is also surprising that a AirForce Officer has written such great sonnets. A very rare combination of courage-bravery- sacrifies-quickwit-extravort and soft-deep-sensitivity-philosofic idea-with SAKSHI BHAV-deteched-witness-global sight.

4. He Played with words

5. Use of simile- metaphors

6. Universal exposure in his sonnets.

7.Time period of sonnets writings is from 1956 to 2015.

8. Use of UPNAME "VIYOGI" .......

Why a Air force Officer use this word
who was enjoying a very big family.

He used this upname Viyogi in 1975 and in the sonnets the-word Viyogi --1976. Basically he was loner in crowed. Like mother's company than other boys company. At the age 26 he become the head of a big family. He looked after them whole heartedly like father, with his full strength and capacity, to prove his words said to his mother.

One who is at the top of any institution –job, is always lonely. No one to share worldly difficulties, situation, problems, not even to his spouse. In this type of situations a sakshi bhav to see the happenings, with detachment developrd to see the things straight.
For this the key word is—VIYOGI.

9. Sonnets can be categorise as ----------

i. Self Portrait- How he saw the things around him in the whole
   perview— self portrait I & II ,Reasons I &II , My fate ,Parting of ways I-II-III ,
   The source, How this poem was write -, Life is Fair- , Undying hope-,
   uprooting, I did not but , Let me weep, Wedding Annivarsary, After
   making Love, To bear loss, visit Patni Top with her and without her.

ii. Professional vignettes-- Aviator I-II-III

iii .Beads of Blessedness---- Holy Koran-, Nature's- , The Door Step-,
    In Praise Of Silence- , Silent sufferer , Prayers I-II-III-IV ,Ganga , Durga ,
    Sarswati ,

iv. Nostalgia--- Bells , A Summer in Gaur , The river Sage , I Know this River,
    Visit To My House In Jammu City , Ah! Jammu ,Anniversary come and go,

v. Death—A Thought from After Life, Life force , Pain-, Let us Rest ,
    Suicide I-II , Leave Taken , Last Cry, Bouncing Check

vi. Time--- Old Hunter , Time , Time I-II-III , Time's wheel , Right Time

vii . Courage and Bravery--

viii. Life

ix . Home

x . Love and hard work .

xi . Random thoughts—compromises , Mild Music , Tears , Power of word ,
    Losing Game , I can Do , A Little Boy one day we can go to town ,
    Puniness Of Man and so many--