Kunwar Viyogi As Sportsman   salon01

1954 when he was a student of S.P.M. Rajput school, Jammu. At that time he was football Captain and an active member of Hockey and Vollyball team. Matriculated in 1955 in first division from J&K Univercity. He was cricket lover also.


1958-60 he was Editor of Urdu and English section of G.C.M. Science College magazine TAWI and Secretary of the Debating Society as well. He also participated in All India Debate competition organized by S N DAS GUPTA college, NEW DELHI as a college representative in 1959 in English section. He also started participating in “KYARI” programme of All India Radio Jammu.The first poem read by him was “BHOLI”.

Trained Tracker
Courses undergone i. Jungal & snow survival course ii. Combined course on jugle & Air Warfare He was a trained tracker. Sometimes whenever he was in great difficulties and in very confused state of mind , he used to go in woods for few days without telling anybody at home. This tracking gave him some solutions, sometimes a refreshing mind. Once he met a suitable boy for his sister.

Sometimes he sketches images of his pictorial Ideas. In Pate Di Gall he daily made colarge for the article, use them as cartoon.